Construction Update

27 July 2023
27 July 2023
27 July 2023

The George Coomera Current Phase: 8

We are TITLED 

All blocks of land within the estate are now registered with the land titles office, meaning a new purchaser can settle at any time.

Start building your dream home as soon as possible.

The site is accessible by foot, there are a few blocks available – Rebecca can meet you on site to guide you over the blocks!

Phase 1

Plans & Permits 

This primary phase involves Council and ​Authority acceptance to confirm physical ​works may be allowed to commence at the ​site, often referred to as a development ​approval

Phase 2


This is when the machinery comes in and ​involves civil preparation of the site to achieve ​the final design. This included site scraping, ​shaping the existing ground, and construction ​of retaining walls if required. 

Phase 3

Sewer & Drainage

The essential infrastructural of the future ​community are laid down here, connecting ​every lot to the sewerage waste and water ​systems. 

Phase 4

Road Boxing / Kerb and Channel 

Here we see things really start to come ​together as the ground is prepared in order to ​lay down the lower layers of road pavement. ​Water mains are also installed, and the kerb ​and channel guttering are build into place. 

Phase 5

Electrical & Telecom

In this phase trenches are dug for the running of ​electrical and telecommunications cabling and ​wiring, preparing the way for power, phones and the ​internet to be connected. 

Phase 6

Footpaths & Asphalt  

The construction of footpaths, as well as for the ​topsoil of the community’s nature strips are then laid. ​Significantly, this phase also sees roads take shape ​with the laying of asphalt. 

Phase 7

Completion & Inspection of Works  

The Council and Service Authority perform final ​inspections before signing off on constructed works ​including roads and services. Final documentation is ​provided to Council, facilitating a Statement of ​Compliance for the development stage. 

Phase 8

Titles Office & Settlement

Have some champagne ready for this major ​milestone. This is the final step of the construction ​phase, where registration of individual lots from each ​stage occurs at the Titles Office, earmarking your ​block for settlement and opening it up for you to ​begin building your home.